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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Granton Development Trust

The Granton sur Mer project are having an Open Community Meeting on Thursday 27 January at The Lighthouse, West Harbour Road. 

Residents, community organisation and business owners are invited to a meeting to discuss the possibility of establishing a development trust.

 Joined Up Master Planning, or JUMP, developed the plans for the Granton sur Mer project, which would see an area close to West Shore Road revamped, with an open-air swimming pool and community arts facility.

It said last summer it was finding it hard to attract investment for the £2 million plan because the city council did not want to give it a one-year option on the site. It hopes that setting up a development trust - a formal body of community members, which could lead the redevelopment - would make it easier to attract funding. It could also lead development projects in other areas.

An informal drop-in will start at 4pm, with a meeting and question and answer session from 6pm to 8pm. For more information call 0131-555 2280 or 0775-261 2607.

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