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Monday, 28 February 2011

Pop Up Lighting at the Causey

Ever heard of guerilla lighting?  Nope?  well if you are about on 9th March you can get involved with The Causey.

And find out more about The Causey here

Starts with hot drinks and snacks at the South Side Community Centre, 117 Nicolson Street, EH8 9ER at 6.15pm, moves to the site and finishes with refreshments in a local bar at approx 9pm.
The Causey and surrounding area will be lit up, banishing the gloom of winter and showing some of our great buildings in a new light.
They need PopUP torch bearers (aged 18+) prepared to take the risk of having illicit fun. And tips for torchbearers…… 
  • Wear dark, warm clothing – you don’t want to be seen
  • It will happen whatever the weather – so bring wet weather gear
  • Travel light – you may need to move fast – and don’t bring valuables
  • All lighting will be provided

So do you fancy it?  You have to register to take part, send your name / address / telephone / email / any special requirements as soon as possible to to arrive no later than 3 March 2011. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Further protection of the World Heritage site?

Caltongate plan as proposed in 2009

A council official today stated that the  city council is now committed to a "harmonious integration of new development with the existing built environment".

Unesco inspectors, who visited Edinburgh in November 2008 atthe request of campaigners against insensitive developments in and around the World Heritage Site had, warned that towering new buildings, large-scale developments and modern schemes out of keeping with their historic surroundings risked damaging the city's Old and New Towns, which won world heritage status in 1995.

Unesco's world heritage centre - which will discuss the condition of Edinburgh's Old and New Towns at its annual summit in July - has been told the height of new buildings may need to be "held in check or suppressed" so that the city's traditional topography is protected.   

There was also controversy over plans to build a hotel on the site of the fire which devastated parts of the Cowgate, although the proposed scheme was shelved when an operator pulled out.

Edinburgh council's planning convener Jim Lowrie said: "Since the Unesco visit, the new Edinburgh City Local Plan has been developed to specifically protect the qualities of the World Heritage Site. 

Read Brian Ferguson's report in the Edinburgh Evening News here

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Thank you to the Co-operative membership Community Fund

The Co-operative Membership Fund has given a kind donation  of £500 to the Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust to support its Patrick Geddes Gardening Club to plant herbs, wild flowers, fruits and vegetables throughout the Old Town .  This is a welcome donation and every penny will be used for the benefit of the community of the Old Town.  Follow the blog to find out more what will be happening with the Patrick Geddes Club.

Find out more about the Co-operative Membership Community Fund here

Join the facebook group for the Patrick Geddes Gardening Club here 

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Granny's Green Open Night Report Back

Thank you to everyone who came to the Open Night it was great to see people enthused about the Granny's Green Garden.

The City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership with designer PeterMc Gowan were able to display their plan for the garden.  There will be posters of the designs at the notice boards at the bottom of Granny's Green Steps and in the Grassmarket.

It is hoped that the work will start in March 2011 with top soil going in at the steepest part at the top where the herb garden will be planted this part will also he raised up.  The Herb Garden will be maintained by the Grassmarket Community Project.  It is also hoped that they will be able to make a bench from reclaimed wood.

There will be planting of native hedges and trees and wild flowers.  There will be additions of native apple tree species too.
Residents and members of the Patrick Geddes Gardening Club can get involved in the planting and maintenance.  If you would like to be involved please contact  Many of the existing trees need pruned and the Parks Department are willing to train residents and members of the Patrick Geddes Gardening Club the required skills to maintain the garden in the future.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The People's Supermarket

Sick and tired of the same old supermarkets even the First Minister has said they are the "Baron of Politics.  Most supermarkets can buy planning permissions for most places they want to build a tiny wee supermarket or a really big one.  But are supermarkets a good thing, do they serve local residents

 However there is an idea for a People's Supermarket - read more here

The People’s Supermarket is a social supermarket: “A supermarket for the people by the people”.
The People’s Supermarket stocks all natural food, much like the kind of thing you’d find at farmer’s markets but it's staff are volunteers and you get a 10% discount.  This volunteer scheme helps to cut staff costs and the shop itself is fairly basic to reduce overheads further

You can find out even more by watching the four-part Channel 4 TV programme starting this Sunday - m6th February 2010.

The Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust hope to set up a Food Co-op come the Spring - maybe a People's Supermarket is too big a project but it an interesting one!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Patrick Geddes Gardening Club Open Night

18.30 to 20.30

The Patrick Geddes Gardening Club is having its first Open Night to present plans for Granny's Green in the Grassmarket.  After years of lobbying about Granny's Green it has finally been agreed to develop this south facing patch of land into a garden.  The garden will be developed in partnership with the Grassmarket Community Project, Edinburgh World Heritage Trust, City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership and the Patrick Geddes Gardening Club.

The Open Night will be from 18.30 to 20.30 at thte Grassmarket Community Projrct

Tea, coffee and refreshments will be served.  There will be tea made from some of the herbs to be grown in the garden as well as the plans and pictures of the plants, bushes and herbs.

The Grassmarket Community Project will be very much involved with the Herb Garden at Granny's Green and will be encouraging the community in the Grassmarket to get involved.

 Herbs at Greyfriars Kirk

We would also want to recruit to the Gardening Club as alongside Granny's green there are many greenspaces, gardens and abondoned places that need to be gardened.  Everyone is welcome to get involved whether you are a resident of the Old Town or not.

If you would like to get involved please come to the Open Evening and/or email to be put on the mailing list. 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Return of Caltongate?

 Artists impression of Caltongate

According to reports in the Edinburgh Evening News (which you can read here) - Caltongate is to rise once agains from the dead after a Canadian firm has shown interest in the gap site and planning consents.  However there is still issues about the World Heritage site status, the old market building being common good and the need to sell the council land and buildings on the open market as per the EU directives on the free market against state aid.

We'll keep an eye on what is happening.