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Sunday, 6 February 2011

The People's Supermarket

Sick and tired of the same old supermarkets even the First Minister has said they are the "Baron of Politics.  Most supermarkets can buy planning permissions for most places they want to build a tiny wee supermarket or a really big one.  But are supermarkets a good thing, do they serve local residents

 However there is an idea for a People's Supermarket - read more here

The People’s Supermarket is a social supermarket: “A supermarket for the people by the people”.
The People’s Supermarket stocks all natural food, much like the kind of thing you’d find at farmer’s markets but it's staff are volunteers and you get a 10% discount.  This volunteer scheme helps to cut staff costs and the shop itself is fairly basic to reduce overheads further

You can find out even more by watching the four-part Channel 4 TV programme starting this Sunday - m6th February 2010.

The Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust hope to set up a Food Co-op come the Spring - maybe a People's Supermarket is too big a project but it an interesting one!

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