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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Allotments and wild food in the City Centre

Old Town Green Beans

Growing food in urban areas is not new, during the war the Meadows were turned into allotments.  However it is now in vogue to want to grow fruit and vegetables.  The Patrick Geddes Gardening Club are hoping to have a herb bed at the new garden to be grown at Granny's Green.  Herbs are grown in the Greyfriars Kirk graveyard.

Allotment at Lochend Close

There are mini allotments in the Old Town at Lochend Close and Coiyne House Close made with support from the City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership and Edinburgh World Heritage Trust

A new edible hedge is to be planted at Pilrig Park read more here and in the New Town allotments are to spring up in an old gap sit read more here

Perhaps the gapsite at New Street could be made into an orchard or allotment or a community farm.

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