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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Patrick Geddes Gardening Club Gardening Classes at Acheson House Community Courtyard

Gardening Workshop on soil - we hope to have lots of worms in our soil

The Patrick Geddes Gardening Club in partnership with City of Edinburgh Council, Bridgend Allotments and the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust are organising gardening classes at Acheson House Community Courtyard.

Google map can be found here 

 Acheson House Community Courtyard overgrown as it was used as a bit of a midden for 2 decades - Jean, Jean and Gordon hard at work

With a little help from the City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership it is cleared

The first gardening class is  on Thursay 21st July 2011 from 16:30 to 18:30 at the Acheson Courtyard, behind the Edinburgh Museum 142 Canongate.

The first class will be about soil and raised beds.

If you can come please do - don't worry if you can't make the full 2 hours.

If you are coming please ensure you have good shoes or boots on, bring gloves if you have them (but don't worry if you dont - we have some).  Expect rain.  Bring juice or water or a flask of tea/coffee.  Biscuits will be provided.

There is no cost for the class and all are welcome, though you will be expected to work in the garden on the basis of each according to their abilty, each according to their need.

The next classes are 4th August, 11th August 2011 and 18th August 2011 from 16:30 to 18:30.  

For further information please contact Chiara Ronchini on  0131 220 7734 or

Everyone is welcome

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